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You deserve to work with an advisor you can count on; someone who puts your financial future first — a friend who will listen to your story and guide you through your options to help you decide what’s right for you and your family.


As an independent financial advisor with Next Chapter Wealth Strategies, Leslie Garske is just that. She’s built her career around helping people just like you pursue their financial dreams. Her personalized financial strategies are tailored to each client’s individual needs, while always adhering to top-notch client service, meticulous attention to detail, a variety of investment options and refreshing honesty.


It has been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Stop dreaming about your future and start planning today!


When planning for your financial future, you deserve someone who understands your needs and, most importantly, your challenges. As a woman who has experienced divorce, raising a family as a single mother and relying on herself to achieve her financial and lifestyle goals, Leslie Garske knows the struggles many women face — because she has faced them, too!

Leslie leverages her experience, education and knowledge to craft guidance and financial strategies designed to help women overcome the hurdles on their path to confidence and independence.

Leslie is proud to offer services in:

  • Financial Advising
  • Professional Mediation
  • Divorce Financial Analysis
  • Settlement Consulting

Divorce Financial Coaching

Knowing the decisions you make now in divorce are life-changing. Empower yourself to know which assets to take and which to leave behind.

  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Prepare financial decisions for attorney mediation
  • Prepare lifestyle analysis for maintenance cases
  • Pension valuation
  • Demystify highly compensated employee packages (e.g., restricted stock, vesting schedules, ESOPs)
  • Equalizing income in gray divorce (couples 55+)
  • Offer second opinion on settlement offers
  • Help answer questions such as, “Can I afford to keep the house?”

Post-Divorce Retirement Planning

While your retirement plans may not be your first priority after divorce, it is important to position your retirement assets to align with your new future.

  • Create a forward-looking budget
  • Change withholding allowances on paystub
  • Begin building your savings account again
  • Ensure account titling is complete for credit cards, bank accounts, house, cars, insurance etc.
  • Change beneficiaries on life insurance, retirement assets, annuities
  • Manage investment risk to fit your life goals

Blended Family Financial Planning

Joining new families together whether living together or a second marriage can lead to difficult scenarios in terms of finances and who pays for what.

  • Determining current and former family financial obligations
  • Review divorce decree
  • Divide new household finances
  • Tax implications
  • Changing titles and determining beneficiary information
  • Large portfolio management
  • Postnuptial mediation agreements

Life Insurance, Long-term Care Insurance and Annuity Services

Finding the best fit when it comes to your short-term goals and long-term goals now and into your later years.

  • Obtain required collateral for maintenance, child support and secondary educational expenses
  • Ensure equitable long-term care coverage for gray divorces
  • Reduce risk through principally protected growth and income fixed index annuities
  • Charitable giving and legacy planning using life insurance

Wealth Management

Grow your assets, mitigate risk, timing is everything.

  • Consolidate retirement assets through rollovers
  • Open self-employed retirement plans (e.g., SIMPLE, SEP, solo 401(k))
  • Determine level of investment risk
  • Compile retirement plan
  • Determine when to take Social Security
  • Plan for when to convert employee stock (ESOP, RSUs, etc.)
  • Legacy planning


The divorce rate has doubled for Americans age 50+ since 1990.

While your retirement plans may shift due to divorce, it is possible to get through a divorce without having to start over. This guide will help you understand the following concerns you may have, among others:

  • How to split assets and who to turn to for help
  • What documents you’ll need for divorce proceedings
  • Where you’ll need to consider updating beneficiaries

About Leslie

As an independent financial advisor with Next Chapter Wealth Strategies, Leslie Garske is just that. For ten years, she’s built her career around helping women just like you plan a worry-free retirement. Her personalized financial strategies are tailored to each client’s individual needs, while always adhering to
top-notch client service, a variety of investment options and refreshing honesty.

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